Hanwell, NB

1967 Hanwell Road, Hanwell, NB, E3C 1Z5, Canada.


Total System Balance

The process of testing, adjusting and balancing HVAC systems to ensure operation is at the design intent. It requires the proper use of instrumentation, the skillful evaluation of readings and the ability to adjust the system to meet the design criteria. Members must also have the applied knowledge, accurate instrumentation and extensive field experience necessary

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Air Distribution

Air quantities are measured according to CAABC National Standards and outlets are adjusted to design requirements.

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Hydronic Balancing

Proportional fluid flow quantities are attained throughout hydronic systems in accordance with design requirements.

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Sound and Vibration Testing

Sound pressure levels are measured with a properly calibrated meter in accordance with the contract specifications. Vibration of the HVAC components are measured and recorded for displacement and velocity where required by the project specifications.

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Cooling Tower Performance Testing

As part of a complete system balance, the cooling tower is tested to determine its capacity to perform its specified duty. Measurements for cooling tower performance must be highly accurate for safety reasons.

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