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Leading Testing and Balancing (TAB) Company in Atlantic Canada

Welcome to Source Management

Leading Testing and Balancing (TAB) Company

We specialise in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, restaurants, large scale grow operation facilities, industrial facilities.

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Our Services
What We Can Offer You

We provide reliable and quality Testing and Balancing (TAB) services for HVAC in the Atlantic Canada area.

About Us

Over 15 Years of TAB Experience

Source has been one of the leading companies in the Testing and Balancing (TAB) field for Atlantic Canada. We specialize in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, restaurants, large scale grow operation facilities, industrial facilities such as McCains and Irving plants, residential apartment buildings, and many other projects. We focus on providing excellent service, through knowledgeable and trained staff. Source can accommodate everything from small scale systems to large complex industrial systems, and everything in between.

Our Founder
Our Founder

Matthew Wilson originally built and expanded Source Management. Matt’s focus was on being an industry leader and focused on working collaboratively with all of the companies and professionals in the industry. Matt also prioritized giving back to the community, and Source has, and continues, to sponsor many different sports teams, tournaments, Christmas angel programs, educational sponsorship and nature initiatives.
Sadly, Matt chose to end his life after struggles with mental health and declining physical health. Source was left to Matt’s widow, Amanda McCordic, who assumed the management of the company, along with long time Source employee, Craig Boucher.
Under Amanda and Craig’s leadership, the same founding principals remain of honesty, hard work and community involvement. To that end commencing in 2023 Source Management started the Matthew Wilson Memorial Bursary. This awards 2 educational bursaries a year to the children or spouses of members of the industry. For information on how to apply for the bursaries, please email a.mccordic@mccordiclaw.ca for more details.

Source has been a certified member of the Canadian Associated Air Balance (CAABC) for over 15 years which assures our clients of the quality of our work and that it is being completed by an independent Air Balancer.


Professional & Experienced Technicians

We have highly skilled personnel, state of the art instrumentation and years of experience.
Our services include:

Smoke and Fire Damper Testing

Indoor Air Quality

Pre-Construction Plan Check and Construction Review

Duct Leakage Testing

Verification of Control Systems

Fume Hood Testing

Total System Balance

Air Distribution

Hydronic Balancing

Sound and Vibration Testing

Cooling Tower Performance Testing